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The World of Model Rockets

A model rocket is a small solid fuel (Black Powder/APCP) powered rocket that is designed to reach low altitudes (100 to 500 metres) and can be effectively recovered by a variety of means. It allows young people to safely make flying rocket models without having to construct dangerous motor units or directly handle explosive propellants.

Model rocketry has been credited as a significant source for learning especially for school children and enhancing their interest in the field of science and technology.

Fuel Cartridge

Rev up your model rocketry projects with Rocketeers’ Fuel Cartridge, a Class B and Class C black powder motor, designed for seamless compatibility and robust performance.


Ensure the safe and efficient launch of your model rockets with Rocketeers’ Ignitors, a crucial component providing the necessary spark and heat for motor ignition.

launch systems

Ignite and launch your rocketry dreams with Rocketeers’ precision-designed Ignition and Launch Systems, engineered for reliability and ease, perfect for both educators and enthusiasts alike.

Nose Cone

Elevate your rocketry pursuits with Rocketeers’ versatile Nose Cone, crafted through HD Blow Molding in four sizes, each designed to enhance aerodynamic performance and stability, ensuring smoother and more efficient flights for your model rockets.

Body Tube

Rocketeers’ Body Tube pack, available in six diameters and crafted with PVA bonded high BF Sack-kraft, provides the perfect foundation for your model rockets, combining strength, flexibility, and precision to bring your rocketry designs to life.


Enhance your model rockets with Rocketeers’ Fins, available in a pack of five. These laser-cut PVC corrugated sheet fins come in 12 predefined shapes or as an uncut sheet for customized designs, blending functionality with creativity to perfect your rocketry projects.

Motor Housing

Cradle the powerhouse of your model rockets with Rocketeers’ Motor Housing, available in a pack of five. These housings are constructed with PVA bonded high BF Sack-kraft tubes, providing a secure and durable enclosure for the motor. Ideal for ensuring optimal performance and safety, these motor housings are a key component for any rocketry enthusiast’s project, blending functionality with reliability.

Block Rings

Rocketeers’ Block Rings, provided in a pack of five, are expertly crafted from die-cut PVC foam, offering robust support and a precise fit for your rocket models. These essential components are designed to enhance structural stability and precision in rocketry projects, catering to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers in the field.

Centring Rings

Streamline your rocket assembly with Rocketeers’ Centring Rings, available in a pack of five. These die-cut PVC foam rings are essential for aligning and securing the components of your model rocket, ensuring a seamless build and enhanced flight stability. Perfect for rocketry enthusiasts at any level, these rings are a vital part of your toolkit, making assembly easier and more precise.

Adaptor Disc Set

Transform your rocketry designs with Rocketeers’ Adaptor Disc Set, a pack of six laser-cut PVC form discs. These versatile discs, crafted for optimal model making, come in multiple sizes and are made from durable balsa wood sheets, providing essential customization for fine-tuning your model rockets to perfection.


Rocketeers’ Adaptor Pack, featuring three PVA bonded high BF Sack-kraft frustum pieces, is the go-to solution for seamless component integration in your rocket models. These adaptors, available in two lengths, are perfect for ensuring a snug fit and enhancing the structural integrity of your rockets, essential for both hobbyists and professionals.

Adaptor Clip Set

Rocketeers’ Adaptor Clip Set, in a pack of ten, simplifies the customization of your model rockets with precision-made clips for diameter adjustments. These clips, crafted from durable PVC, are designed for both diameter reduction and increment, ensuring a perfect fit and streamlined design for your rocketry projects.

Design Your Own 🚀 Rocket

Are you a young scientist with a passion for exploring the outer reaches of the universe? Do you dream of designing your own model rocket and witnessing it soar through the skies? Look no further! Rocketeers, the leading organization in rocketry innovation, is thrilled to announce an incredible opportunity just for you!


    • Body tube diameter:  20 , 25 , 30 , 35 , 40 , 45  (mm)
    • Body tube length: 80 cm max
    • Nose cone: 20 , 25 , 30 , 35 (mm)(ogive)
    • Motors:       B-4-0 , C-6-0
    • Maximum lift- off weight:  below 250 gm

Our team will select one “Rad Model Rocket” every month and showcase it on Rocketeer’s various platforms. The selection criteria for February are uniqueness and design stability. So, what are you waiting for ? Put on your thinking cap and upload your design !!

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