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  • Level 1: Beginners
  • Lift off weight (without fuel): 38g
  • Peak altitude : 650ft/200m
  • Instruction Manual

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Perfect for Beginners and students, Zippy is our fastest model rocket yet. It is nimble and agile and will zip to the skies in the blink of an eye. It is easy to build while being engaging and fun.


Level 1: Beginners


Lift off weight (without fuel): 38g


Peak altitude: 650ft/200m


  • Reusable, the model rocket can be flown again with fresh motor
  • No recovery mechanism included,
  • Low power Model Rocket, uses Type B motor
  • Lift off Weight (without fuel): 38 g
  • Peak Altitude: 650 ft / 200m


Kit Contains:


  • Rocket Components:
      • 1 Body Tube: PVA bonded high BF sack kraft paper tube
        • Length: 300 mm
        • Diameter: 23 mm
      • 1 Nose Cone: Blow moulded HDPE
      • 5 Fins: Leser cut corrugated PP sheet
      • 2 Motor Housing: PVA bonded high BF sack kraft paper tube
      • 5 Block Rings: PVC Foam
      • 1 Engine: Class B model rocket motor
        • Fuel: Black Powder
        • Burn Time: 2 seconds
      • 2 Igniters
      • 1 Launch Lug


  • Extras:
      • Rocket Shaped Packaging Box – Souvenir
      • Rocketeers Instruction Manual
      • Branding Stickers
      • One A1 size space themed poster
      • Lasso Test String
      • Fin Sheet


  • Stationary:
      • Scissor
      • Paper Cutter
      • An Electric Tape
      • FeviKwik
      • Sandpaper
      • Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Scale


Other Systems Required for Launch (sold separately):

    • Launch Pad: Tripod Mounted
    • Ignition System: Nichrome heated electrical ignition with wired remote control


Please launch Model Rockets in large open safe flying zones. Follow all safety instructions carefully

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