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ISRO Launch Vehicle Lockets

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Wear the brilliance of ISRO’s launch vehicles close to your heart with our stunning Lockets!

ISRO Launch Vehicle Lockets

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– Our ISRO Launch Vehicle Lockets are meticulously crafted from shiny SS 304 stainless steel.
– These unique and shiny lockets feature laser-cut templates of ISRO launch vehicles, showcasing their distinct silhouettes.
– Each locket measures approximately 2.75 inches, making it a striking accessory to add to your collection.
– Choose from the available launch vehicles: ASLV, PSLV, GSLV, or LMV-III, and express your unwavering passion for space exploration.
– These lockets serve as a powerful symbol of your admiration for ISRO’s remarkable achievements and engineering prowess.
– An exceptional accessory for space enthusiast girls seeking to wear a piece of ISRO’s legacy and display their cosmic spirit.