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“A Hitchhiker’s guide to Model Rocketry”: The what, why and how of it all!

Model Rockets are a great way to learn and practically experience the fundamentals of science. Here is a simple guide to basics of model rocketry. The vast expanse of space appears to us as a wondrous and mysterious bastion, and it is probably this mystery that intrigues us. Mankind’s efforts to understand and charter space […]

The Rise and Rise of Model Rocketry | A Brief History of Model Rockets

Model Rocketry has a tumultuous and exciting history. What started during WW II as an experiment, is now in everyone’s reach. There’s no doubt that model rockets are quickly gaining momentum in the mainstream, even to the extent of being popular. However, model rocketry as a hobby is thought of to be more of a […]

Model Rocketry Makes the World Go Round

On this edition of our “Rocketry Lowdown” blog series, take a world tour of model rocketry from Canada to UK to America. the spirit of model rocketry truly knows no boundaries! In our earlier blog post, we have discussed a brief history of Model Rocketry. You will have noticed that the major breakthroughs took place […]