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The Motor that moves us! – Part 1

From Thiruvananthapuram, Nagpur, Bangalore and finally to Sivakasi, India’s first solid fuel powered model rocket motor has shown us highs and lows and it is a journey that we are still on. If you asked them if they knew all along that they would be heralding the Indian new space movement, you wouldn’t get a […]

Model Rockets in India :Launch Update 2.0

From hurdles to accolades, it’s been a long journey. Along the way, we interacted with thousands of students, partners and teachers who have supported us and helped us grow. It’s now time to take things a notch higher. Hello everyone, ” A very warm welcome to you all, and to our experienced Rocketeers, welcome back. […]

DIY Short Clip of Assemble the Moonshot Model Rocket

Moonshot is our shoutout to dreamers who have looked up at the sky and thought to conquer it. Whether you are a 10 year old science enthusiast or a 25 year old artist or just someone who’s curious, Moonshot is your gateway to model rocketry. Designed to be safe, simple and fun, the Moonshot offers […]

Where do I fly my Model Rockets?

Where do i fly my model rocket No discussion on model rockets is complete without a nod to safety and we at Rocketeers take safety very seriously. Rocketeers model rocket kits are completely safe and easy to build and fly. During our journey to “Build a space for space”, we have interacted with thousands of […]