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“Adventure begets knowledge” – Ishan Tomar’s journey through his passions.

In this edition of Rocketeer’s Speak, we catch up with Ishan Tomar of SatSure to get an insiders perspective of life in the space science industry. We sat down over a cuppa with Ishan Tomar, Co-founder and CTO of SatSure. SatSure develops solutions based on geospatial data to tackle challenges faced by the agriculture sector. […]

JOURNEY OF MY ROCKET LAUNCH | By Anudeep Gupta Grandhe

3….2…..1…… “How to escape the earth?”. This was the question that bugged me while I was in school. Not that I wanted to leave the earth, in a definitive kind of way. I wanted to explore and understand what lay beyond the skies. It has been a long journey for me. It started for me […]