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Model Rockets in India :Launch Update 2.0

From hurdles to accolades, it’s been a long journey. Along the way, we interacted with thousands of students, partners and teachers who have supported us and helped us grow. It’s now time to take things a notch higher. Hello everyone, ” A very warm welcome to you all, and to our experienced Rocketeers, welcome back. […]

GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle): The Untamable Beast

8th May 2013. Launchpad Two. It was 11:25 in the morning at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. The ISRO team was on the edge of their seats with anxiety. The last time they had launched the GSLV, 2 years back, ended up being a partial failure. There was no room for error here […]

Rocketry and our Future By Gitika Gorthi

Hello everyone, Today, we introduce you to Gitika Gorthi. Gitika is a 13 year old studying in the US who is a patron of Rocketeers. She has been passionate about space and rocketry since a very young age and is working towards spreading her love for rockets and help other love rocketry as well. She […]

“A Hitchhiker’s guide to Model Rocketry”: The what, why and how of it all!

Model Rockets are a great way to learn and practically experience the fundamentals of science. Here is a simple guide to basics of model rocketry. The vast expanse of space appears to us as a wondrous and mysterious bastion, and it is probably this mystery that intrigues us. Mankind’s efforts to understand and charter space […]

Shavit: The Israeli Wonder Comet

Israel’s geopolitical history notwithstanding, the country’s space agency has had many successful space missions, all thanks to their wonder comet, The Shavit! Israel’s space dreams were conceived in the hallowed halls of Tel Aviv University in early 1960s. The National Committee for Space Research (NCSR) was formed by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities […]

The Rise and Rise of Model Rocketry | A Brief History of Model Rockets

Model Rocketry has a tumultuous and exciting history. What started during WW II as an experiment, is now in everyone’s reach. There’s no doubt that model rockets are quickly gaining momentum in the mainstream, even to the extent of being popular. However, model rocketry as a hobby is thought of to be more of a […]

My Model Rocketry Journey By Hrithik Soni

Can true spirit ever be ever be squashed? 17 year old Hrithik Soni’s answer is a resounding no! Read his inspirational journey into model rocketry filled with hits and misses in equal measure! Around 20 km from the capital city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, there is a city called Gonda and in that city, there […]

DIY Short Clip of Assemble the Moonshot Model Rocket

Moonshot is our shoutout to dreamers who have looked up at the sky and thought to conquer it. Whether you are a 10 year old science enthusiast or a 25 year old artist or just someone who’s curious, Moonshot is your gateway to model rocketry. Designed to be safe, simple and fun, the Moonshot offers […]

Where do I fly my Model Rockets?

Where do i fly my model rocket No discussion on model rockets is complete without a nod to safety and we at Rocketeers take safety very seriously. Rocketeers model rocket kits are completely safe and easy to build and fly. During our journey to “Build a space for space”, we have interacted with thousands of […]

Model Rocketry Makes the World Go Round

On this edition of our “Rocketry Lowdown” blog series, take a world tour of model rocketry from Canada to UK to America. the spirit of model rocketry truly knows no boundaries! In our earlier blog post, we have discussed a brief history of Model Rocketry. You will have noticed that the major breakthroughs took place […]