Unlocking Solar Mysteries with Aditya L1’s Scientific Instruments

The Cosmic Quest

Aditya L1’s scientific instruments are key to understanding the Sun. These tools serve as chapters in an unfolding cosmic story.

Aditya L1 embarks on its quest to unlock the mysteries of the Sun.

Learn more about Aditya L1’s mission and its significance

The Corona Conundrum: VELC

Firstly, VELC is designed to study the Sun’s corona. It aims to answer why this outer layer is hotter than the Sun’s surface.

The Sun's corona, a focus of VELC

Solar Flares: SoLEXS and HEL1OS

Next, SoLEXS and HEL1OS focus on studying solar flares. These eruptions can affect both Earth’s technology and climate.

A solar flare, a phenomenon studied by SoLEXS and HEL1OS.
Epic Sun Surface Flare Prominence Solar System. Majestic Sunbeam Solaris Flame Fireball Eruption Outer Space Deep Universe Exploration Concept 3D Animation

Solar Wind: ASPEX and PAPA

Additionally, ASPEX and PAPA are designed to study solar wind. This wind can impact our satellites and even our power grids.

Solar wind, a subject of study for ASPEX and PAPA.

Magnetic Mysteries: MAG

Lastly, MAG delves into the Sun’s magnetic field. This complex web influences solar activity and space weather.

The Sun's magnetic field, a subject of study for MAG.

The Quest Continues

In conclusion, the scientific instruments on Aditya L1 are crucial in our quest to understand our life-giving star.

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Source Material from ISRO

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