Lunar Navigator | Pragyan Rover | Chandrayaan 3

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Discover the cutting-edge technology behind lunar exploration with “Lunar Navigator | Pragyan Rover | Chandrayaan 3.” This exclusive item is more than just Pragyan Rover merchandise; it’s an authentic lunar experience certified by ISRO.

Lunar Navigator | Pragyan Rover | Chandrayaan 3

Embrace the future of space exploration with Lunar Navigator, featuring Pragyan Rover’s smart navigation on the Moon. Official ISRO Merch. Limited Edition.

Key Features
1. Smart Navigation: Features a detailed map that showcases Pragyan Rover’s intelligent 100-meter navigation to avoid a lunar crater.
2. Quality You Can Trust: Made with high-quality print material that vividly captures the Rover’s path.
3. ISRO Certified: Official ISRO merchandise, a must-have for tech geeks and space enthusiasts.

Technical Specifications
Material: 100% Cotton
Size: Available in 34,36,37,38,40,42,44
Color: White

Official ISRO merchandise
Limited edition—don’t miss out!
Offers both educational and collectible value
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