Hello Everyone,

It has been a long time since we talked to you. We created our rockets for in mid 2015, since then we have launched more than 12000 Typhoon model rockets, with B-class motors with students from across the country, from different backgrounds and age groups. Through all of this there were only two things that remained constant: Our aim and philosophy to introduce students to practical understanding based study methodologies for science and math and second to have fun with it. We have received an overwhelming response for our efforts from students, teachers, parents, principals and academicians alike. We thank you all for the love.

During these times we interacted with over 40,000 students and so many out of them inspired us to enable them to live the dreams these young minds. The dreams that share the same passions as we do. The dreams of a vast and infinite future The dreams of humans as a space-faring species. The dreams of space travel and colonisation of planets.

The children of today live in beautiful times. They will see within their lifetime not only the first human landing, but also our efforts to set up human habitat on our celestial neighbour. They live on the precipice

of a time when space science will enable technologies and applications never thought of or imagined before from sectors such as agriculture, communication, data analytics, disaster management and prediction, energy, travel and tourism and many more. Not only will the students of today see these technologies in their lifetimes but they will be the ones driving them as we build more and more capacity to access space. The live in an exploratory age which has arrived again after almost 400 years.


To bring the dream of space closer, to take students to the age of rockets, satellites and space travel; to build a world where space is as accessible as our skies; to build these technologies and more, we are creating a tool for enthusiasts, students, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. 

                                                              “ROCKETEERS RESEARCH INSTITUTE”

We provide turnkey solutions and educational programs for students, institutions and businesses. We are providing Plug and Play Solutions that can be deployed without disrupting any of the normal activities of the institute or a company. We are the only platform providing students with a step by step path to go and become the spacecraft builders of tomorrow irrespective of their location and formal education.

Our secret Sauce/USP is our curriculum and content design philosophy, we call it Experiential Learning We have inculcated into our curriculum experiential learning of an ever increasing plethora of industry professionals, Experts, Academics,  Scientists and NewSpace pioneers. We incorporate their experiential case studies into our curriculum to make the program very industry relevant and oriented and also to keep it updated to latest best practices in space tech. For our Cubesat curriculum we are already consulting  over 30 ISRO scientists, more than 20 private space industries.


We are working on formulating end to end solutions for :

We have Mr. JS Mann (Honorary Trustee, Indian Public School’s Conference) and Dr. Issaac Kurien( Dean, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, & Ex- HOD, Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay) as our education mentors.


We hope we receive the same love from you as we did for our endeavours till now. Over the course of the next month we will be introducing you to the new set of our programs :


  • New range of Model Rocketry and CanSat Workshops
  • Much wider range of DIY kits
  • Rocketeers Space Technology Labs for schools
  • Rocketeers Space Leadership Fellowship


We will also be talking about the exciting developments in space tech across the world with articles about the industry, entrepreneurship in space, New Space, Space Policy and Laws.


We will also start conducting competitive programs for students who excel in our programs with opportunities to work on actual flight hardware like sounding rockets and cubesats.


So here is to our motto :


                                                      “Rocket Science in every Classroom”


ANUJ · July 20, 2017 at 4:35 pm

Good Day Sir/ Madam,,

Firstly, i want to do introduction about my self, my name is ANUJ from Greater noida, Delhi ncr (
national capital region). Basically i am mechanical Engineer, in the college as the final year project
we made an Aerolplane with the use of carbon fiber renforcement material, i heard about your
startup i appriate you thinking, i salute you. i9 have lots knowledge about aerospace . i want boost
my carrier with your innovative plateform, you can contect to me.

Email : anujsofts@gmail.com
mo.: 09654212134
Name : Anuj

Amish · July 21, 2017 at 2:40 pm

Do you’ll have individual courses/program for kids in Mumbai ??

    divyanshu · July 24, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    No, we do not as of now. but follow this space we will be coming out with them soon.

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